The Art of Waiting: Turning Parking Lot Moments into Prayerful Creativity

The Art of Waiting: Turning Parking Lot Moments into Prayerful Creativity

Life has taken on a whirlwind of activity since the beginning of this school year. My role as a parent, shuttling my children around, has reached new heights of busyness. Yet, when your children are blessed with incredible opportunities that ignite their enthusiasm and passion, you will find a way to make life work. As a parent, I'm more than willing to go the extra mile to support their dreams and aspirations. So, I find myself not just adapting to this bustling pace but embracing it wholeheartedly.

In the midst of this chaos, I hold fast to my determination to keep the flame of creativity burning brightly. I drew inspiration from The Painted Paper Studio, and during one of my thrift store visits, I came across a small cookbook that turned out to be a hidden gem—a canvas waiting to be transformed into an artful prayer journal.

Armed with old Magnificat pages that I had painted and stained over the summer months, glue sticks, and a palette of vibrant paint colors, I embarked on a mission to craft something that could accompany me on my daily adventures. Those moments spent waiting in school parking lots, awaiting during dismissal times have been transformed into precious opportunities for reflection and creativity. With my newly created journal in hand, I find myself filled with gratitude as I doodle, write, and engage in prayerful contemplation through art, cherishing every minute of these blessings.

Feel free to follow my creative journey on Instagram to witness the beautiful evolution of this journal. I'll be sharing new pages and updates regularly, allowing you to be part of the creative process.

Art on the go prayer journal

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