2024 Art Journal Challenge

2024 Art Journal Challenge

A stunning leather-bound, khadi paper journal found its way to me as a Christmas gift. While the temptation is to save it for a special occasion, let's be real – defining that 'special' moment is elusive. Instead, I've decided to work on filling every page in the journal every day for a year. It's a splendid opportunity to explore my favorite mediums, experiment with new ones, and blend different artistic elements. Yes, it sounds like fun – and it will be, undoubtedly. However, as a busy mom juggling multiple responsibilities, restarting my graphic design business, and managing our household's exciting ventures, carving out time for art becomes a delightful challenge.

So this is one of my first pages. It is a combination of some of my own hand-printed fabric, watercolors, paint markers and stitching. 

2024 Art Journal
If you, like me, have a lovely journal waiting patiently on a shelf for the 'perfect' project, why not join me on this creative journey? I'll be documenting my daily artistic endeavors on Instagram, so give me a follow. Share your creations using the hashtag #2024ArtJournalChallenge, and I'll do my best to check them out. Let's make 2024 a year filled with artistic exploration and shared inspiration!

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